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Brief History of K & A

First Human X-Ray 1896
First Human X-Ray 1896

K&A Services is a local, family owned and operated company that has been serving the Central New York region since 1980. K&A Services is still owned and operated by its original founder Kenneth Andrews. As an X-ray technologist, Ken recognized the importance of bringing the imaging service directly to the patient’s bedside. When Ken first started in portable x-ray he was a one-man operation, building K&A Services over the years into a successful business. Throughout that time, K&A Services has grown, yet we have always maintained pride in being a ‘local small business’ that contributes to our local economy.  Ken sat for several years as the president and then chairman of the board for The National Association of Portable X-ray Providers ( Currently the American Portable Diagnostic Association, APDA for short). Also, K&A’s Administrative Director, Sharon Reilley is the acting APDA recording secretary. Together, they work to promote high quality and cost effective portable radiology services across our nation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Kenneth C. Andrews, President
Kenneth C. Andrews, President

We feel it is a part of our responsibility as a healthcare service provider to make sure patients and facilities have a full understanding of the benefits of contracting with a local, small business. Working with our local company means all the technologists that provide the exams live locally and close by. There is no denying that this means a quicker response time when you request an exam. The speed at which a technologist can get to your home or facility and complete the requested exam means getting faster results and a care plan can be put into action that much sooner. With the recent scrutiny being put on skilled nursing facilities' re-hospitalization rates and the growing trend of keeping elderly patients in their homes, quick response is a very important factor in the decision you make regarding a portable x-ray supplier.

Considering the large growth in the portable x-ray industry in NY state in recent years; K&A has remained loyal to the idea of ‘keeping it local’. While many competitors work to 'gain territory', K&A continues to put our emphasis on our customer service, our quick response times, and a higher quality of service and care.


  • All K&A Radiologic Technologists and Supervising Physicians are New York State Licensed. We ensure all employees keep up with any necessary continuing education credits required by NYS to maintain their credentials.

  • All K&A Sonographers are ARDMS Certified. We ensure all employees keep up with necessary continuing education credits required by ARDMS to maintain their credentials.

  • All our Radiologists and Cardiologists are board certified.

  • All equipment used by K&A for imaging is tested regularly according to New York State Department of Health standards and regulations. K&A has passed all NYS inspections with NO citations.

  • Our compliance officer ensures annual training and review for all employees on the following topics:

    • Federal Portable X-Ray and IDTF Regulations
    • Quality Assurance/Compliance Plan
    • Safety Plan and Procedures
    • Exposure Control Policies
    • Job Descriptions per Fair Labor Standards
    • Ethics Standards
    • Administrative Policies
    • Radiation Safety Policies
    • Personnel Policies (this includes annual PPD test)
    • HIPAA Regulations
    • CMS Fraud and Abuse Regulations


K&A Services strives to provide the highest quality of portable imaging services available to patients in Central New York. We provide our services in the timeliest manner possible while maintaining our standard of quality care by keeping our operation local. We provide exam results as soon as they are available while allowing physicians’ online access directly, via our PACS system. We work continuously to keep up to date with all current billing rules and regulations and HIPAA compliance. All patients and customers of K&A Services will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion